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SeaMoss Capsules

SeaMoss Capsules

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Enjoy a More Convenient Way To Enjoy The Benefits of Seamoss . 

These capsules are Hand Made & Freshly Grounded. 

Limit to 2 Capsules Daily! 
Comes with 30 capsules 

Contains Seamoss and plenty more herbs

If you are a Diabetic taking Daily Prescription medication please be aware you may have to alter how often you take it if your sugars start to drop. Always Consult your Physician when starting new medications, please always feel free to reach out to me if a second ear is needed. 

Although Seamoss itself is packed with Benefits , the extra herbs also play a part.

Filled with Fiber and antioxidants , also promotes weight loss and reduces inflammation. Helps treat tuberculosis, Fights Cancer Cells. Also contains a good amount of Protein! 

 Fights Arthritis, Leaves you with younger looking skin and fights many different skin conditions. It promotes healthy kidney function, High in Iron and Regulates Blood Sugar .  

This will be definitely be your go to ! Quick , on the go, and PACKED with power “juice”.

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